Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Got this one as a cutting from a friend last year. It is the first time flowering for me.  Doesn't the pink look just yummy? :-)

I cannot plant Plumeria in the ground, they'd freeze here. But it all depends on your micro climate in your garden. A gardening friend on the west side of Orlando has great big Plumeria trees on his property.
Still, I love them. So I keep them potted. After the danger of frost I sink the pots into the flower beds for the warm months and keep them in the garage for the cold season.

Here are some in the collection in Myrtle Glen:

Graycie's White

Plumeria rubra 'Irma Bryan

Aztec Gold

Plumeria 'King Kalakaua'

Plumeria 'Tri Mark'

'Lemon Drop'

Daisy Wilcox


  1. Thank you for letting me know about your blog - it looks great, I just love seeing your garden through your photos.
    Adding your blog to my favorites. :-D
    I look forward to following along ~ Ellie

  2. thanks Ellie, glad you like it, and I hope you stop by often :)