Sunday, November 27, 2011

Go Green with an electric mower

Owning an electric mower for 2 months now and hubby being completely satisfied with its performance, I thought it is time to post about it.

It was time for us to buy a new mower, the old gas mower started to give us problems.

After researching online, we decided to give the cordless electric mower a try. The 'box-store' has the '30 day bring it back no questions ask policy', making the decision easy for us.

go green

No heavy gas motor and its plastic housing make the self-propelling option unnecessary. This lightweight mower starts with the push of a button and has no problem mowing the tough Southern St. Augustine grass.

It gets plugged in over night and one charge does all  the grass areas on our 1/4 acre corner lot with power leftover. For storage, the handle folds up and it stores on its side hardly using any space at all.

our new mower

There are electric mowers made by several manufacturers and for the different lawn sizes. I understand, the electric mowers aren't for everyone, just like the huge riding mowers aren't for everyone either.  But for suburban sized lots, like here in Avalon Park, Orlando FL,  they are perfect.

The main benefits:

  • No oil or gas needed

  • No pollution (According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, America's gas lawn mowers contribute as much as 5 % to the nation's air pollution)

  • Runs quietly

  • Requires very little maintenance (no spark plugs, no oil changes)

  • Easy to start (no cranking a gas engine)

  • Low purchase price (starting under $200)

Of course to go completely green, we'd have to go with the old-fashioned reel mower, but let's not push it ;-)

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