The lovely Angel Trumpet

Brugmansia Insignis Pink

always with flowers

brugmansia Insignis Pink

I have several Brugmansias in my garden, but none can compare with this one.  Carefree, easy, fast growing fragrant, and ever-blooming. The only time I want to trim it back is after a freeze, since the rest of the year it is covered with flowers.

hat sized flower

A gardening friend gave me a cutting saying 'just stick it in the ground and it will grow' and sure thing, it started growing and never stopped since.

my favorite Angel Trumpet

Here in Avalon Park, Orlando FL,  it got some frost damage at 26F, but I am sure it is hardy to even colder temperatures. It does not like the full Florida sun, but morning or afternoon sun is necessary for flowering. This plant grows in sandy soil (in my friend's garden) to clay soil here in Myrtle Glen.


  1. Sagenhaft einfach einzigartig

  2. danke, und gell, besonders schoen weil ich sie nicht im Winter in den Keller tragen muss ;-)

  3. Wow, what a beautiful plant! How gorgeous! Too bad it would be too cold for it here. Those are some amazing blooms!

  4. Gorgeous flowers!! Browsing your photographs was a nice vacation from the rainy and cold weather in Delaware today.

  5. Oh, so pretty! I have a pink brug. The ones outside are toast. I potted one and brought inside; it has no buds. Yet.