Thought for the weekend

Gardening is a journey,
a journey of learning how to connect with and support Mother Nature

Wekiva River by canoe


  1. Can't believe these exotic creatures! They just can't be for real. How interesting that we all live in such different environments. I am so happy that you are there to take care of yours and support nature. Happy New Year from Ireland:~)

  2. Um, is that a real crocodile? If so, you are quite brave to be canoeing!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Lovely thought! And tee hee, the position of that first turtle looks like he's taking flight away from that tubby croc.

  4. indie yes, real aligator :) we stayed away, and this one looks so well fed and content, we didn't worry.

    aquariann, the turtles hold the weirdest positions for soaking up the sun :)