Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fascinating 'shrooms in Myrtle Glen

Enchanting mushrooms, yes!
It doesn't take much imagination to see that different world, the Fairylands of old and far away....

Japanese Umbrella Inky (Coprinus plicatilis)

 I am fascinated by mushrooms, I love their delicate forms and colors.

I would not want to eat them, I stick to the plain white ones I safely buy at the grocery store, but wherever I go, I keep my eyes open for the 'shrooms.
Bird's Nest Fungus
Most of them are tiny,  like the Bird's Nest Fungus. Its average size here in my yard is about 1/2 cm and it looks rather cute, don't you think so?

Bird's Nest Fungus

One has to look closely to appreciate Nature’s beauty growing on the decomposing mulch pieces.

Since there is not much that can be done to deter them, I leave them be.  Mushrooms are not plants, they cannot make their own food but they are feeding on the decaying plant material and  help in nature by breaking down dead plant material.

I doubt they are edible, but my dogs never seem to notice them, so I don’t worry, even though they look like an egg over-easy

There is one that looks noticeable, and is quite large

Phallus ravenellii

Doesn't this look like a sandwich?  ;-)

it is actually the wooden parts of a wind chime
Yellow Spindle Coral (Clavulinopsis fusiformis)

This one grew sideways and solitary:

And here is a group of  'shrooms delicate and translucent like tiny, dreamy jellyfish:

Growing so fast, the seams are bursting:

A day later, it's the size of a dinner plate:

Psilocybe cubensis

But my most favorite of all is this one, looking like a fluffy cheese cake :-)

All 'shrooms pictured here can be found in Myrtle Glen, but just here and there, and one has to search for them. I do not want you all to think my garden is a ‘shroomery ;)

Couldn't resist to add this variety of mushrooms, the Shroomus hypertufiana :
Hypertufa Mushrooms


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, much appreciated :-)

  2. It's wonderful how photographs can get us up close to appreciate the beauty of things we commonly overlook! You did a great job, and thanks for sharing your beautiful 'shroom shots with us!

  3. evi deine pilze sind ja herrlich werde nun auch anfangen
    in meinem garten auf pilze zu achten und fotos zu machen

  4. Thanks Deb, for visiting my blog and your kind comment :-)

  5. Danke :-)
    und ich sage doch schon immer du sollst mehr Fotos machen.

  6. Bird's Nest Fungus is awesome! Wonderful photographs, I love all of them!

  7. These mushrooms are interesting and beautiful! It always amazes me how many various shapes and textures they possess. Great photo captures!

  8. Wonderful pictures, I am too fascinated by mushrooms, so much so that I tried growing a few types for eating some years ago. Didn’t go very well, one kit yielded me with 3 mushrooms!! Should have been hundreds. Then I bought a mushroom log, which stood in my garden for 3 years without producing one single mushroom (shitake). Since then I haven’t tried being a mushroom grower, I just watch what comes up in my garden, which probably isn’t edible :-)

  9. You have some beautiful photos of the mushrooms. Plus a lot of knowledge IDing them too.

  10. The fungi season is over for us so it was lovely to see the different sorts that you have - most of which are new to me - they are totally fascinating - and you have photographed them beautifully.

  11. Nice photos! The first one is my favorite!!!

  12. Exactly my thought Helene, I just watch for the wild mushrooms and buy the edible ones at the store.

  13. thanks Donna, I wish I could find the names of all of them, but it is hard to find the id on the garden fungi, there are thousands of them.

  14. Great Pictures - It never ceases to suprise me how many different type of mushrooms / fungi that there are! They definitely belong in the fairy world.

  15. Agreed! Maybe this is why I am so drawn to them, for the glimpse into the fairy world...