Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gotta have at least one!

I am not really hooked on Roses, but my opinion is

"A garden is not a garden without a Rose"

[a not at all famous quote by Evelyn]

OGR 'Ducher' (China Rose)

Some say, roses are worthless, no butterflies or hummingbirds will bother with them, but for my Backyard Wildlife Habitat they have the purpose of offering protection to birds. And, even though I don't officially consider myself ‘wildlife’, they benefit me with their beauty to rest my eyes and refresh my spirit.

'Alister Stella Gray' (Tea-Noisette)

Here in humid Central Florida it is not easy to grow roses. But I discovered that old garden roses, not even grafted, are no wimps and hold on just fine through the hottest months to go all out and party in all their glory for the rest of the year.
(the fine print: Some basic rules apply! ;))

'Duchesse de Brabant' (Tea Rose)

Antique roses need at least 6 hours of sunlight, well-drained and rich soil. They don’t mind the PH, as low as 5 or as high as 7, but prefer the middle at 6.5 And they thank you for a 2 inch layer of mulch around to cool and protect the roots.

'Louis Philippe', or Florida Cracker Rose (China Rose)

Once established, Antiques are usually drought tolerant. A good soaking once a week promotes healthy deep root growth.

Antiques are highly disease resistant, no fungicide is necessary. If black spot or powdery mildew gets to them, they are planted in the wrong spot. Check for too much shade, not enough air circulation, or water-logged soil.

During the rainy months (especially here in FL) black spot can happen. The roses simply shed the leaves and continue to grow new leaves and blooms.

'Belinda’s Dream' (Shrub Rose)

Antiques don’t want to be pruned and messed with. If the plant gets too big, don’t cut back more than one third keeping the beautiful shape of the shrub in mind.Of course dead twigs should be removed.

Deadheading is not necessary with Antiques, and tip pruning is done by snipping the flowers to bring inside.

This last one is not an Old Garden Rose, or Antique Rose, but grows so well here in Florida, that I planted one in all my previous gardens.

'Don Juan' (Climber Hybrid Tea)

And I am ending this post with

"We can complain because rose bushes have thorns,

or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses"

[a famous quote by Abraham Lincoln]


  1. I am a great admirer of roses. Although it is true that hummingbirds and butterflies are not attracted to them, I am. My Robin Hood Hedge roses are planted next to our entry; their fragrance is intoxicating.

    Thanks so much for stopping by Gardens Inspired and for letting us know that you have tried the aspirin rooting hormone recipe with success - that's good to know! I haven't heard of using cinnamon - would you please pop back and share the instructions for that ?

    Your photographs are gorgeous.

  2. It took me a long time to put roses in my garden due to the thorns and how it did not seem like a good mix with my clumsiness. However, now that I have some, I do love them! It pretty much took one whiff to win me over - the smell was just so heavenly!
    You have some gorgeous roses!

  3. deine rosen sind echt eine pracht
    einfach herrlich

  4. Thanks Debra, for your kind comment.
    I use Cinnamon in the garden for it is a natural fungicide. I dust it on orchid roots when re-potting, and also on plant injuries.

  5. Yes the thorns, but the flowers make up for it ;-)

  6. Die Blueten sind schoen, halt typisch Rosen, aber die eigentlichen Pflanzen gefallen mir echt nicht. Da ist die Camelliapflanze schon bei weitem schoener.

  7. I agree that every garden should have at least one rose. I love the 'Belinda’s Dream’ - looks gorgeous!

  8. Great post. Sometimes the antiques are just the right rose, and I'm so glad to see you promoting them!

  9. What a beautiful post! Enjoyed the photos and the quotes :)

  10. Belinda's Dream is one of my favorites. I started that one from a cutting :-)

  11. I love the antique roses, but mainly because they are the only ones growing here in FL without needing all the fuss. I am a lazy gardener ;-)

  12. Thank you, your kind comment is much appreciated :-)

  13. I really like your sensible advice that if diseases are a problem then the rose is in the wrong place. Too often gardeners just reach for the nearest poison.

  14. Sadly, I see it way too often, people just don't think when it comes to chemicals. Just because they are sold 'over the counter' does not mean they are safe.

  15. Such beautiful blooms! Louis Phillippe is especially gorgeous I think, and the shape of the flower reminds me of a lotus :)

  16. What a great blog! and I love the (of course, Famous!) quote by Evelyn! :) Agreed, every garden should have a rose bush. My favorites are Don Juan and Belinda's Dream since they both grow well for me!!

  17. .....just one rose........

  18. Ohhh, just one rose would not be enough for me! I have 8 already in my tiny garden, and would like to have many absolute favourite of those I have is a climber called Crimson cascade.

    Lovely photos you got, made me think of which rose to get this spring :-) Don Juan looked great and would fit in nicely with some of my other red roses.

  19. Gorgeous photos of an array of different roses.

  20. So many beautiful Roses! I don't have suitable ground for Roses...heavy wet soil...but I do like them. Have a couple of climbers that do ok but that's it.

  21. Hi Beth, thanks for stopping by :-)
    I agree, Belinda's Dream is just too beautiful, and Don Juan has those picture perfect roses.

  22. Helene, do get a Don Juan, it is a disease free and well behaved rose (at least here in FL). I am looking forward to reading about Don Juan in your garden :-)

  23. Thank you for your kind comment, I do know my photographs are very amateurish :)

  24. Great pics. Lovely roses. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Belinda's Dream... still my favorite! Beautiful pictures!

  26. Your roses are lovely and especially wonderful in January. Sadly, though I'm only about 50 miles north of you, mine were done in by a hard freeze last week, so yours are all the more beautiful to me. I have 80+ roses in my little garden, and most of them are OGR's and antiques so I really appreciate your beautiful post.

  27. oh my, 80 roses! Amazing :-)
    Do you give tours of your garden?


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