Wednesday, January 4, 2012

make 'em sneeze

Weekly Gardening Tip

To 'evict' Armadillos from your yard, toss ground black pepper into their burrows.

Don't be cheap, add a handful of it  ;-)

Wait a few days and close the burrow with soil.

Armadillo, caught to take a closer look


  1. I've never seen an armadillo here but if one should get lost and show up, I'll know what to do!

  2. lucky you! they dig grand burrows undermining my work bench, uprooting my brugmansia, all while throwing around the bromeliads.... they are having fun here :o

    Please do tell.
    :-) David

  4. Simple, just set up the cage on front of their burrow. they don't see well, and just walk right into it.


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