Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sleeping Beauty - rescued

Creeping Fig is such a lovely vine, but look away for a short while and this plant takes over everything.  It just keeps creeping and sneaking and before you know it, all is hidden to be forgotten under a green leafy blanket ...

Just like Sleeping Beauty...

Armed with clippers I went out and fought the grasping  tendrils to free my Beauty from the tangles of the monster vine....

After a long and exhausting  afternoon, I reached my Sleeping Beauty.  No harm was done,  she looks as beautiful as ever.

This swan was a gift from Denise, a gardening friend. I will treasure it, always!


  1. I think in the UK this is used as a houseplant

  2. I love the look of creeping fig growing up walls. I've often thought of adding it to my garden, but so far have not. Your swan is beautiful.

  3. That is a beautiful groundcover!