Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Gray Catbird

The Gray Catbirds are migrating north and some are taking a break in  Myrtle Glen, I see them hoping in the Crepe Myrtle branches and digging through the seeds in the feeder.

This bird seems right at home in our small wildlife habitat, acting not at all afraid of us humans.


  1. The gray catbird knows a wildlife friendly garden when he sees one! I enjoyed reading the article about your wonderful garden in the previous post. Congratulations on the recognition! I hope you had a very happy Easter!

  2. You got some great photos of these catbirds. I love to sit in the garden and listen to them. I had a couple of Autumn Olives that they enjoyed perching on, but it was destroyed by our hurricane last year. I hope I will still get to see and hear them around the yard.