Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Florida Butterfly Orchid

A Florida Native, the Florida Butterfly Orchid, Encyclia tampensis

Not a rare one, this orchid can be found in the wild from Central Florida south, growing on oak tree branches, but also in palms and on pine trees.

It flowers in the summer months with many orchids per flower stem. The flowers are about 1.5 inches across and nodding in the wind, it sure looks like a flock of butterflies.

This orchid is protected, but can be found in online nurseries or at orchid shows. I received a kiki in a trade from a generous garden friend.

Mine is mounted on a cork board with sphagnum moss and I keep it in bright shade under a Crepe Myrtle.

Lime green and maroon, white and purple, with lines and dots, it sure is a beauty!


  1. Wow just WOW. I have never seen anything like that.

  2. thank you crybrug, glad you like it :)

  3. absolutely Beautiful ! I never thought about Florida Native Orchids before.... Florida is a Beautiful State to live in !

  4. So true Chrissy, I am thankful every day to be here in FL!

  5. I have seen few different types of Encyclia before sold in nursery but never like this one.
    It look very stunning and the purple lip makes it more vibrant and out-standing.

  6. and to me it is extra special since it is a true Florida native orchid :-)