Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Twilight Tea Fundraiser

This Fundraiser party turned out great!

Thanks to 40 generous guests Kristin raised $800 for  'Walk for the Cure' .

Thank you to all for coming to this little get-together. Everyone enjoyed the good company,  perfect weather,  and yummy treats.

Teas in several flavors, hot and cold are waiting for the guests.

The garden was decorated in the Tea theme with Teacup posies, candles, lanterns and torches.

Sitting areas were set up throughout the garden

I offered several of my hand formed hypertufa planters for sale to support the Fundraiser

This is what I received in a  forwarded email, thank you so much for this compliment:

Well…The Tea at Twilight in Myrtle Glen was exquisite!! Everything was perfect….the gardens were groomed to the highest degree – there was even a little hummingbird, and you KNOW I love that!The folks were all pretty and friendly…a couple of little fires were burning…one in a little firebowl and the other in a chimenea.. …..sweet smoke mingled with the fragrances of many different flowers and plants! Of course, I couldn’t resist the brush of the rosemary in the herb garden! There were orchids in bloom…oh so MANY Kinds of flowers and trees!

We were greeted at the gate by lovely Kristin, the gal who is doing The Walk for the Cure. The magic of Myrtle Glen enveloped us as we entered the beautiful gardens….little lights of various kinds twinkled along the paths and under the trees as we made our way to find our host and hostess, Todd and Evelyn. A champagne tea was soon in our hands – the teacups were busy holding little bouquets so beautifully and daintily suspended as if in mid-air! ….yes…china teacups…scattered throughout the garden! It was all breathtaking!!

Thanks again everyone, for making this Fundraiser so successful! 


  1. Looks like you had quite the gala. What a successful fund raiser! Everything looked beautiful. Love the teacups in the garden. :-)

  2. Really enjoyed looking at your decor.
    You really took a lot of trouble in getting your details accurate.
    I myself won't able to manage a hanging teacup with those beautiful flowers and you had several - magically hanging.

    Truly it was like a Alice in the Wonderland Garden.

  3. yes, we all had so much fun that evening, especially after the wine bottles were opened ;-)

  4. thanks for your kind comment, how sweet to compare to Alice in Wonderland :-)
    the tea cup posies aren't difficult to assemble if you use a dab of hot glue to fix the cup to the saucer.

  5. Evelyn..what a wonderful thing to do ...and the garden is absolutely gorgeous...You are amazing, as always..! Glad I can visit your blog and see how awesome it was! Bless you!

  6. Thank you Diane, for visiting my blog and your kind comment. I wish you could visit Myrtle Glen in person some day.