Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What a stinker!

Oh yes, this one tops the stapelia gigantea with its stench!

So here it is, all innocent,  and I was so exited when I realized this will be the flower of my Amorphophallus bulbifer.

A couple of days later, on my morning garden walk, I am getting closer, breathing normally, when it hits me.

That entire morning I could not get rid of the smell in my nose. I am sure it is worse than on a landfill!  Has to be!

Luckily, it stank only that one morning, right after the flower opened.

With no unpleasant odor it looked pretty and eye-catching  for the next few days.

Commonly known as Voodoo Lily, this stinker does well in Central Florida. In late spring its flower appears followed by the attractive foliage.  In fall small bulbs form at the leaf axles, and when the foliage dies down for the winter rest, those bulbs will grow new plants where they touch the ground.

A garden friend grows his plant in the ground, his soil is sandy. My garden soil is too wet and heavy, I keep mine in a pot to prevent the tuber from rotting.

The Voodoo Lily likes to grow in shade, with water and fertilizer during the growing season. When the foliage starts to die off in Fall, I move mine to a dry location and forget about it. The occasional rain in winter is all it needs, until the warm temperatures and spring rains wake it up again.

Foliage of Amorphophallus bulbifer, notice the pretty mottled stem.


  1. wow ! very different it is a very pretty plant and a beautiful flower.. thanks for sharing very unusual plants .

  2. It sure is unusual Chrissy, and I am glad I can grow it outside *laughs* just imagine this stinker in a greenhouse, or worse, IN the living room ;-)

  3. I planted one of those a couple years ago, but it never really took (or someone pulled it, thinking it was a weed--that happens a lot here). Anyway, after hearing you describe it, I'm kinda glad it never stuck around long enough to give us a bloom. ; )

  4. lol, well, I must admit I walked in unaware. Next year i will hold my breath ;-)
    but seriously, it only stinks for a couple of hours and only when the flower opens. After that, there is no odor.
    I sniffed *gag* at 7:30 A.M. and the smell was gone at 9:50 A.M when my friend came over and I wanted her to have the same 'pleasant' experience ;-)

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  6. This is so nice, thank you for the nomination. I am honored :)