Saturday, June 30, 2012

Feeling Pondtastic :-)

Fortuna, the Goddess of Fate took pity upon me,  a Special Sale was sent via Email newsletter from Pondtastic Water Gardens:  Buy one Koi get the second one free  :-)

We decided to get two small regular Koi, since we already have Butterflies Fred and Gator.  And as beautiful Butterfly Koi are,  the 'regular' Koi are just so classic, imo.

Here they are, still in the bag but sitting in the pond for a few minutes, a Golden and a Calico.

All I need now are names for them. Suggestions are welcome, help me name them please!!

Theresa from Pondtastic Water Gardens here in Orlando was so very helpful, patiently AND passionately answering a bunch of our questions. I felt guilty taking up so much of her time.  I am much Koi-wiser now!  ...  I now want an even bigger pond ;-)

names, names, names,..... I need ideas.....


  1. The yellow one should be called Gold Finger.

  2. they are absolutely beautiful,, can not think of names as of yet but I will ponder on it and let you know... enjoy your new

  3. Thanks Chrissy :-)
    let's just hope they won't be on the sushi menu for a hungry raccoon, would be expensive sushi for sure ;-)

  4. ok, we have names:

    Goldfinger and Picasso