Friday, June 15, 2012

Playing Ball

Just thought I show some pictures of Sam enjoying the back yard. During summer he does not stay out very long, it is just too hot, but he loves playing with is favorite red ball.

What are you waiting for, just throw the ball
There it goes....

That's it? You couldn't toss it a little further?

I am supposed to pick it up?

And now she wants me to bring it to her

 I don't think so! ;-)

Ruby is watching us, laughing

I am having a good time watching Sam


  1. Ruby and Sam are so cute! Thanks for sharing your loves with us.

  2. You have lovely fur children.... I enjoyed them very much....

  3. you so understand Chrissy, yes, they are just like my children :)

  4. thank you, and yes, I love them very much :)

  5. Ha, Ruby does really look like she's laughing! Very cute.

  6. Tiere sind schon eine ganz große Freude
    und gescheit sind sie auch noch
    die Ruby kann toll lachen
    schade hätte sie gerne wieder mal zu Besuch bei mir