Friday, July 13, 2012

Thought for the weekend

"Conversation about the weather is

the last refuge of the unimaginative"

[Oscar Wilde]

*laughs* so does this mean I am unimaginative when posting about the weather? ;)   

Just look at the two pictures, and clouds are all about the weather.  Aren't those clouds beautiful? They are called Mackerel clouds, why, because it is said they look like the scales of an adult Mackerel (now I am curious, maybe I should go to the fish market).

"Mackerel sky, mackerel sky. Never long wet and never long dry."


  1. eine Wolkenbild zum verlieben

  2. Beautiful clouds .. I love learning New things everyday and you are always teaching me.. I love it ! Florida skies are very beautiful....thank you ..

  3. thanks Chrissy, how nice of you :)
    right now I am disappointed in the clouds, they won't give me any rain, not a drop.

  4. Put me in the same unimaginative box then, although I consider myself far from unimaginative! We gardeners are so dependant of the weather, why shouldn't we talk about it. We have lousy weather still in London, by the end in sight!

  5. so true Helene, our plants depend on the weather :)
    sorry about the lousy weather at your end, we don't have it better here, its sunny and hot with no rain. Very stressful for the plants.