Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Billbergia 'Fantasia'

Beautiful Billbergias, their shape and flowers are so tropical and exotic.

Fantasia's foliage is green with lots of white and hints of ros√© .  And the neon pink flower buds are such attention grabbers.

Almost there, the buds are opening.  The hummingbirds are drawn to the color and check them out several times a day

But I am not too impressed with the flower spike, kinda wimpy looking. I expected so much more from the full buds. But maybe it is due to the growing location, I have it in full shade.

Of course growing this variety in the shade ensures the beautiful foliage coloration, with more sun the white would not be so pronounced.

Billbergia hybrid,  pyramidalis x saundersii, cultivar 'Fantasia'


  1. I need some now where can I get them?....I wish I had a start ....

  2. What an impressive plant, never heard of it before :-)

  3. es ist eine Pracht einfach wunderschön

  4. ja gell, schon sehr auffaellig :-) ich habe sie in einem meiner hypertufatoepfe, sieht echt gut aus.

  5. they are not rare plants, i am sure they can be found online. I get my bromeliads at either M. Selby Gardens in Sarasota (their gift shop) or at any of the plant sales at botanical gardens :)

  6. I guess for you it would be in the houseplant section, bromeliads make awesome houseplants :)