Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The poor man's Ae Ae

Everyone know THE  'Ae Ae', yes? super expensive, and super finicky if not grown in the absolute correct location...

My pampered Musa 'Ae Ae'

Well here it is, the poor man's 'Ae Ae' with bluish-green and white leaves at a fraction of the cost:

Canna Stuttgart, a tall-growing canna with spectacular variegated leaves. True, there are no variegated fruit one can harvest, but, this Canna has apricot-pink colored flowers matching the white/green foliage just beautifully.

It is said this Canna was discovered at a Botanical Garden in Stuttgart, but a Google search did not show any results to confirm this information. And wouldn't you think that said botanical Garden would take credit for such a beautiful plant if it were at all true?

My Canna Stuttgart gets a bit too much sun, therefore the white is more yellowish. The  'Ae Ae'  is now planted at the side of the house and gets more sun as when kept on the back porch, so its white leaf parts are creamy yellow as well.


  1. I had never heard of the 'Ae Ae' before, not knowing much about tropical plants. Looking it up, wow those are some awesome looking bananas!

    Your canna is gorgeous! I honestly love it with the yellow and green variegation!

  2. I have another totally different species that look like this variegated Canna leaves.
    Really not sure of its name - the closest I got is (Never never plant) Do check it out - you will be amazed at the same resemblance. (Ctenanthe oppenheimiana)

    I have seen Dumbcane also in the similar colour coordination.

    The Musa is truly exotic.

  3. thanks, and yes, I love this Canna, it is an undemanding plant :)

  4. I have the Ctenanthe, and I agree with you, the leaves are beautiful. The Canna Stuttart is just so much taller and the leaves are so much larger ;)
    I am hooked on variegated leaves, and the bigger the better ;-)