Monday, August 13, 2012


Summertime is not just the best time for human youngsters, but also for youngsters of the feathered kind, or the ones with scales and shells, and of course the shedding ones.

Tread careful and light-footed so not to harm the little ones, and avert your eyes so not to scare them. I want for the kids to have a wonderful summer with food in abundance to grow up in peace and to get strong and smart before the winter months.

How tiny! I am pretty sure those are young Mollies.I had bought 5 (white and marble colored) and was told they will multiply like crazy.  They will have to learn all the good hiding places since I am sure the Leopard Frogs and the turtle will keep their number in check.

And here's one of the young Leopard Frogs:

The Red Cardinal youngsters are a handful for their parents.  They are not shy at all and don't mind me a bit, but their parents peep with alarm and shew them into the safety of the Petrea vine.

and they have to taste everything.  I am assuming this one picked up a Styrofoam piece in the potting mix. 

Here is the favorite hangout for Red Cardinals, the Petrea vine covering one of our pergolas:

The Florida native Apple snails hatched a few days ago in our Lotus Bowl

Here are the leftover egg shells:

Here is one hopefully all happy in the Hydrilla :

The garden is full of young Anoles, Cuban and some Green, they must learn fast to get out of my way. I try to be careful, but I won't be shuffling forever

I am happy and exited about every little one growing up in our small Backyard Wildlife Habitat :-)

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  1. Evi es ist herrlich zu sehen wie vielen Tieren ihr eine
    Heimat gebt,
    ihr könnt sehr stolz auf euch sein
    die Vielen Tiere und die herrlichen Pflanzen,
    es ist ein kleines Paradies
    es grüßt dich
    deine Mama