Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thought for the weekend

The Leaf’s Lament 

Said the leaf to the sky,
I would learn how to fly,
But I’m shaking like a leaf do I dare?

Said the sky to the leaf,
It’s a matter of belief
Just jump into my blanket of air!

Then the sky sang,
Then the leaf sprang,
And the trees were empty and bare.

[Andrew Fusek Peters]


  1. lol, I wanted to post this poem for the longest time, last fall i missed/forgot it, and so I had to wait this entire year ;)

  2. Mein schöner Baum
    mit den vielen, vielen Blättern

  3. It must be a golden affair.
    Where all the leaves taken flight
    and filled the sky
    sailing slowly
    swimming calmly
    along the streams of time.

  4. This time of year is perfect for this....wonderful!

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  6. Great Poem ! for some reason I must of got off your list I have really missed your blog so I looked you up ! Nice being back.. I learn so much from your Blog..