Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December in Myrtle Glen

Not much going on here in Myrtle Glen this time of year.

The plants are cut back, the Myrtles are bare of leaves and those leaves were shredded and added to the flower beds. The occasional weed popping up gets pulled on my daily morning walk through the garden.

Here and there a few roses brighten the yard. The Impatiens are still happy, and

the lower temperatures trigger flowering  in the Aechmea Blue Tango/Del Mar bromeliads.

No dragonflies and hardly any butterflies, and my hummingbirds have left me as well.

I watch the Squirrel couple, that took up residence during the summer, munching the peanuts, and it looks like the Red Cardinals and Mockingbirds are still happy....

Red Cardinal taking a bath

 I can't wait for the winter to be over....


  1. I love blue tango...oh how i covet that planter!!!

  2. I love blue tango and I covet that wonderful planter

  3. The Blue Tango (or Del Mar, never was able to ID correctly) in true Bromeliad fashion, does pup freely. I never could understand the high sales price.
    The Swans (a pair) were given to me by a gardening friend, I will treasure them always!

  4. and even in winter, Myrtle Glen looks stunning and inviting!!

  5. Hey over there!
    Hope you are doing well and had a very Merry Christmas.
    Just wanted to give you a heads up on the next cold front. It hit here yesterday and it is already headed your way.
    We are getting our first freeze tonight so I am in high gear getting all my plants inside the greenhouse. The winds were so high it knocked our power out!
    Hope it doesn't happen to you.
    All the Best,