Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Colors

 I am taking a break from gardening this winter, even though it is not a cold winter, I was hesitant to go out and 'work'. I tend to get carried away and before I realize, I trim and cut and chop and do all those things one should not do to plants if there is still a danger of frost.  Of course we did not get frost this season ;)

But the plants are forgiving and did not mind my inactivity and I was able to catch up on my reading.
March is the blooming month of cold loving orchids and Amaryllis, Citrus and Camellia.  The Starburst Clerodendrum is just about done blooming. Soon it will be cut back to grow nice and lush, dark green leaves with maroon colored undersides.

 Dendrobium nobile 'Ester Brosche' is putting on her yearly show:

a closer look at one of her blossoms

The pink firespike is waiting for the Hummingbirds

And of course Amaryllis are flowering everywhere in Myrtle Glen

San Remo

 Cybister 'Evergreen'

 Cotton balls are still hanging on from last fall, I did not cut them off for the benefit of the critters

Hippeastrum "Garden Pink"

Orchid Vanda terete 'Diana' did not stop blooming throughout the winter months

This Farfugium giganteum was a gift from a dear gardening friend

The small patio citrus 'Meyer Lemon' in loaded with flowers, buds, tiny green fruit, and still carries juicy lemons from last season. The fruit keep well on the tree, making it possible to have fresh lemons at all times.

Camellia 'Lady Vansittart'  has different colored flowers on one plant

 Phaius orchids are getting ready to bloom, I love the tall flower spikes.

This one is Phaius grandifolius 'Alba', pure white and lime green.


  1. the orchid is amazing i wish I could find one...where did you get it

  2. My shooting star is blooming too and I wish I could find these orchids!!..great shots!

  3. Du hast wunderschöne Pflanzen
    es ist eine Freude deine Bilder anzuschauen

  4. naja, es waechst ja so ziemlich alles von alleine hier :)

  5. Sharon, the Vanda terete and Den. nobile are 'passalong plants' but you may be able to get them at Bot. Garden Plant Sales.
    My phaius collection I bought at the Leu Garden Plant Sale over the years, each year I added one more until last year when I had ordered one and the seller told me he 'forgot to bring it'. Good time to stop collecting ;)

  6. I assume you mean the Den. nobile, I have this plant for 16+ years, I got it as a kiki at an orchid show.