Wednesday, May 29, 2013

An Orchid for the Florida Garden

Oncidium sphacelatum is native to Mexico and is a perfect orchid for the Florida garden.  It grows well in shade or in a sunny place (with some midday shade) and is happy with the occasional orchid fertilizer. This plant likes daily watering in summer with a dry and cool rest period during winter. 

I received a small share of three pseudo bulbs back in 2000 and since then it kept growing and growing… 
here is a picture of it in 2007,  it still fit nicely into a wooden orchid basket. The flower racemes are over 4 feet long.

By 2008 this orchid is spilling over its basket, and it is taking up most of this coffee table

Occupying a chair for itself, what a spectacular flower show!

 During the bad freezes in 2009/2010 I just covered the orchid with a blanket and it did fine.  It got so large, that I placed it on the ground under palm trees.  It is happy there, showing off its hundreds of pretty golden flowers every May.

So, this giant orchid is not ideal for inside or a small greenhouse, but it is perfect for a protected spot in your garden. 

A close-up of its pretty little orchid bloom

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