Friday, May 17, 2013

look what's blooming

Got this Ascocenda orchid as a small seedling at a Plant Sale two years ago. There just was a huge bin and a price tag saying '1 for $1'. This is the first time it blooms for me

I doubt I will find an ID for this one, but that's perfectly ok, mutts are just as welcome in Myrtle Glen as the ones with a mile long pedigree ;-)

 Look closely, doesn't it look like a butterfly?

It sure looks like this flower has over-sized eyes. I wonder why?

The crossing of Ascocentrum and Vanda result in the hybrids known as Ascocendas. You can find them many beautiful colors. They are easy care orchids for Central Florida, grow them on a tree branch or a wooden orchid basket and mist them well once a day. They will need winter protection if temperatures fall below 50F.

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