Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Caladium - color for the shade garden

Impatiens were my plant of choice to brighten shady spots in the yard, but with the mold virus, or whatever it is, destroying the impatiens, I am forced to find an alternative.

The Fancy-Leafed Caladium 
There are so many color choices and bulbs are cheap to buy.

I do not have experience with Caladium, it seems they do well for a couple of years but then they disappear.

I heard the suggestion to dig up the bulbs after the plants go dormant, store them dry and re-plant in spring. I won’t do that, I know me.  But since the bulbs are cheap, I plan on getting some every spring.

Some do well for several years, the one above grows in a pot for the past 4 years.

Plant the bulbs in spring, and a few days later the colorful leaves start to push up.

This one above was sold to me as ‘Thai Caladium’.

And this one has huge pink leaves, I bought from a vendor at the Leu Gardens annual plant sale in March. I doubt this Caladium will come back next year for me, it just looks so…. unreal

White is my favorite color in the garden

White brightens up even the darkest corner

hahaa, and this one I had to buy because of its name:  ‘Frog in a Blender’  and that is for my Ingress playing friends  (and yes, I am a smurf) 

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