Monday, August 8, 2016

In my Library - Creating a Garden for the Senses

Featuring beautiful pictures of gardens that appeal to our sense of sight, smell, touch and hearing  
by Jeff Cox (author and Jerry Pavia (Photographer)

The author says: "A strong and trusted intuition is a particularly great help in gardening," he notes, and, "sitting in a garden, it is not hard to believe that we and the plants are part of a greater whole."

A book to inspire with its great shots of even greater gardens. It talks about colors of flowers and foliage and making a garden composition, sweet scents in the darkness and walking barefoot in your garden, about Water's Laughter and Insect Music.

 And to get you started to garden for the senses, this book has a chart of plants by sensuous qualities.

Read more  about Gardening for the Senses in Myrtle Glen


  1. schön wie du das alles beschrieben hast , großartig

    1. Danke, das Buch kann man gebraucht ganz billing im Amazon kaufen, fuer weniger als 5 dollar :-)