Saturday, August 20, 2016

Thought for the Weekend

"If dandelions were difficult to grow, we'd put them in pots and keep them in greenhouses." 



  1. Yes, and some people do grow them on purpose; they are edible! While I have never planted these and in fact do get rid of many of them, I am comforted that if we ever have a famine, we may be saved by the weeds in my garden, including dandelions, kudzu, and wild violets, all of which are quite nutritious. The wild violets are so tasty I wonder why we don't see them in the grocery store.

    1. I doubt I could survive on the weeds in my garden, but they surely would make a tasty salad :-) I never thought of the violets, I do have plenty of them. Do you eat the leaves or just the flowers?

    2. You can eat both, but be sure there are no chemicals or sprays on them. The leaves taste like spinach to me.

      By the way, thanks for your comment on my recent post. That is a male hummingbird. It looks like he is fairly young with his throat just turning red. Very young males look much like females until they begin to mature.

      Have a great week! Deb

    3. I will pick some violet leaves, I am curious now :-)
      Ah, a young Hummingbird boy, that makes sense now.