Friday, October 7, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

The damage here for us in Central Florida could have been worse but the storm stayed about 50 miles away from us, over the ocean. 
The category 3 storm's path ran parallel to the Florida coast and is heading towards North Carolina. This storm leaves a trail of destruction along the coast. 

Yesterday, October 6th,  we secured all loose items such as planters, hanging baskets, yard furniture

The worst of the storm hit us during the night. We all woke up around 4 am to the loud howling wind and the rain beating on the windows.

Here are some pictures from this morning, after Hurrican Matthew

Most of the annuals were lifted out of the flower beds

The Yard is flooded, but the frogs love it, they happily croak in all corners of the garden.

The Dombeya and the ornamental banana in this corner of the yard look miserable

We did lay the planters on their sides

Broken branches, lots of leaves, but no real damage. We were lucky this time.


  1. Glad you didn't get much damage! That was a scary storm!

    1. yes, hurricanes are scary, friends south on the coast lost power, had downed trees and flooding. We in Orlando got lucky.

  2. A little mess, but glad there was no real damage! It is odd to see the annuals lifted out of the ground.