Monday, October 3, 2016

Tasting the Miracle Fruit berry

Update on the Miracle fruit berries, our AD&D group got together last Sunday and everyone wanted to try the Miracle berries. None of the group had even heard of them before. So, after a quick explanation, everyone started chewing a berry :-)

Starting with lemon wedges, two people said they did not taste a big difference, the lemon still was sour to them, all others were amazed at the sweet and lemony flavor, yes, just like lemonade. 
Iced tea tasted very sweet, the fruit flavored iced tea ended up being too sweet. 
Dr. Pepper was noticeable sweeter.
Marshmallow peeps were a disappointment, tasting bland. 
No different taste with Chex Mix. 
Comments from stale to yucky and disgusted sputtering happened after trying M&Ms. Definitely staying away from chocolate after a Miracle Berry!

The harvest wasn't much, the bush is rather small, 2 handfuls was all, but I still had some berries left to stick in the freezer for future curious guests.