Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Visiting Mom

A couple days after Hurricane Matthew my travels began. First with a two week trip to Germany to visit my mother. I enjoyed the beginning of Autumn with the crisp air and beautiful colors in her garden

The purple-leaf plum is a mass of pink flowers in spring, loaded with small sweet fruit in late summer and beautiful red in fall.

Asters with their cheerful flowers are much loved by bees and butterflies

Dogwood, one of her favorite shrubs, they have beautiful fall color and bright red stems in winter.

Blue Juniper, the blue silver color is stunning

Blackeyed Susan

Daisies with the red flowering stonecrop (sedum) in the background.

Her Hydrangea is huge, 4 ft high and wide


  1. Your mother's purple plum is a beauty. I had a similar one and loved it for the same reasons you gave. Sadly, it fell victim to a strong storm. I did not plant another one for several reasons, but I do miss it, especially its great foliage and its pretty pink flowers.

    1. Hi Deb, thanks for stopping by :-) I do hope her plum tree won't fall victim to a storm, I know she would be heartbroken. But I can't get enough of your garden's fall colors, just absolutely stunning!