Thursday, December 22, 2016

Snowballs in Florida

Ok, not really snowballs, but the flowers of the white powder puff remind me of snowballs. 

This evergreen shrub flowers here in Central Florida during the winter months and every time I look out the window snowballs come to mind.

Most people know the pink Powder Puff, but since white is my favorite flower color, I planted the white variety.

Calliandra Haematocephala 'Alba'  - White Powder Puff or Fairy Duster, originates in South America. It is an evergreen large shrub that does not mind the full Florida sun and has no special soil requirements. It grows very fast, is drought tolerant and survives our occasional low winter temperatures. 

The natural form is a  large sprawling shrub, that could be pruned it into a large hedge. We trained ours into a small multi-trunked tree for shading the back porch. 

Butterflies and hummingbirds visit the flowers, but bees really love them, it is a buzzing and rustling and a coming and going all day long. 

The spherical flower has numerous long slender white stamens that are silky to the touch. 
The leaves are a glossy dark green and a bright light green when young. In early evening they fold up, similar to the leaves of a mimosa pudica when touched. 


  1. Such fun looking blooms! Very pretty! I was hoping for some real snow for Christmas here in Massachusetts. None on Christmas, but we did get a couple squalls over the holiday vacation in time for my southern family that were up to enjoy.

    1. Massachusetts should have snow for Christmas, hopefully next year. I don't miss the snow and will be perfectly happy without it here in Florida ;-)

  2. I have seen the pink one in a local tropical conservatory; I did not know there is a white variety. It is lovely!

    Happy New Year and best wishes for a successful 2017 garden!

    1. I just could not resist planting the white variety ;-)
      Thank you and same to you, a wonderful year in the garden with plenty rain, and no more damage to your beautiful maples.