Saturday, February 25, 2017

New Koi

A generous neighbor shared some of his koi babies with me. His koi pond is most beautiful, with lots of river rock and a large waterfall on one end. The other end of his pond is covered by a wooden bridge, and the pond sides have large overhangs for the koi to hide under.

Gator, Fred and Goldfinger and the new koi

 I can just hope the babies will adjust to our small ponds, but we have plans to dig one large pond for them, hopefully soon.

The two white koi and the smaller golden one are newcomers. We had put them in the upper pond but sometime during the night, they decided to swim down the waterway connecting the ponds to join the other koi.

Three more koi were added to the lower third pond, a larger white koi, a black-orange and a white-orange koi. 

Swimming close together, carefully exploring their new home

This beautiful koi is a young one, see the yellow and red minnow swimming next to it?

I will give them names, I can't help myself ;-)


  1. Those are pretty good size. Won't take them long to get as big as Gator and Goldfinger.

  2. das sind ja herrliche Kois einer schöner wie der andere herzlichen Glückwunsch
    freue mich sie in natura zu sehen

    1. Danke, ja ich freu mich auch sehr, besonders darueber, sie kommen aus einem gesunden Teich und nicht von einer Tierhandlung.

  3. I love to watch fish; they are fascinating, especially these gloriously colored ones.

    1. Koi are amazing, I wish I could have all colors