Thursday, May 11, 2017

So much color

A little outside of Havana in the neighborhood Jaimanitas lives the artist Jose Fuster.

25 years ago he started to decorate his home with colorful mosaics of broken tiles. Neighbors liked what he did and wanted mosaics on their houses as well. 

Several blocks in that neighborhood are transformed into a colorful and magical fantasy land. 

The artist's compound is known as Fusterlandia, lots to see and explore. 

This neighborhood was on my must-see list. I want to visit it again, planning more time to enjoy the colorful mosaic art.


  1. Das ist ja herrlich so was schönes da hat ja der KÜNSTLER JAHRE

    1. ja, der Kuenstler hat for 25 Jahren damit angefangen

  2. Amazing! It would be great to take a walking tour of his neighborhood. I am glad the neighbors appreciated and encouraged his art!


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