Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The front yard

Florida summer days are oh so hot! I do not go out much, but the front yard needed some attention, a bit weeding, cutting back long branches and dead leaves, pulling out old bromeliads...

Lots of different colored caladiums in this flower bed brighten the shady front yard.

 Until a few years ago I planted impatiens all over, but then the downy mildew disease established itself killing the plants just about as soon as I planted them, I gave up on impatiens.

Caladiums are the substitute of my choice, lots of colors throughout the summer.

I could plant more Coleus, but they do need more maintenance than Caldium ... looking closely at the picture I see an impatience plant, wonder where this one came from.

Last year I planted lots of Coleus, this year I like Caladiums! In spring I tugged the bulbs in all the spaces I could find.

And Caladium bulbs are 'tug-able' they do not need much space :-)

The Fatsia japonica came back nicely, not sure what had happened but after this past mild winter, the plant looked almost dead.

This little fat agave is doing well, it was a gift from my garden friend in North Carolina.

I love my Magnolia 'Little Gem', it flowers all through the summer

 Frontyard looks good, Backyard has to wait a few more weeks until the heat breaks.
The wildlife appreciates me staying indoors, Cardinal and Mockingbird babies hop around all over the yard, and the resident squirrel couple has decided to abandon their nest in the palm tree top and brazenly built a new one in the pergola. Looking out the window I can watch the three squirrel teenagers and their parents hanging out on the back porch. I just can't evict them. yet.


  1. du hast herrliche pflanzen eine schöner wie die andere es ist ein toller
    Vorgarten du kannst stolz sein

    1. Danke, have viel zu verdanken dass wir in Florida leben. Da wachsen halt diese tropischen Pflanzen ganz von alleine.