Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse

Isn't it awesome?

Viewing made simple, no need to eat a box of cereal to make a fancy viewer from the empty box.
Two paper plates, one with a pin hole to catch the sun rays and the other to view the shadow of the moon.

We held the plate with the pin hole at different distances, the shadow gets larger with greater distance but also more washed out.

This is at about 85%, the most we had here in Central Florida.

Here is a picture of the crested shadow through the Crepe Myrtle leaves


  1. Very fun! Sadly here there was a cloud over the sun right when the eclipse was occurring, so we couldn't really see anything. A very badly timed cloud!

    1. Sorry that cloud spoiled the fun for you. We had thunderstorms and clouds early that day expecting not to see the Eclipse, but the clouds wandered off (maybe towards your location ;-) )