Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Weeding weeding weeding

Florida pellitory

Having weed free flowerbeds in a backyard wildlife habitat is not really a good thing. There are native plants we call weeds because they flourish and multiply happily without extra water, fertilizer or special pampering. And yes, they most likely will take over my small Myrtle Glen if left alone, so I do weed, but selectively (Florida natives in Myrtle Glen)

There is a weed with small light green leaves that shows up in the cooler months, the Florida pellitory (Parietaria floridana) It likes it in my potted plants and I normally remove it as soon as it shows up. Big mistake! This season I am behind caring for my potted plants and the pellitory is very happy.

it is not poisonous

To my surprise, I am seeing Red Admiral butterflies for the first time in Myrtle Glen.

Red Admiral butterfly

Looking for more information in my Butterfly Book I find the pellitory is the host plant for the Red Admiral's caterpillars.

From now on I will not be so quick with pulling this weed since I rather have butterflies in Myrtle Glen than pellitory-free potted plants :-)

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