Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Fairy doors at Leu Gardens

Fairy doors, how adorable!

Our local Botanical Garden, Harry P. Leu Gardens, has 15 hidden fairy doors on display. Just for kids? nah! I was seeing more adults than kids searching for the evidence of a fairy residence. 

The Enchanted Fairy Doors will be at the Gardens until September 23, 2018. 

At the garden entrance, you will receive a flyer to take along on the search so you do have a fair chance of finding all the doors. 
Each fairy residence has a description of the fairy living within. 

For example, behind this musical decorated door in the above picture lives Calliope - meaning beautiful voice. She is the music fairy. She keeps harmony between all things in nature by singing. Her long blonde hair is always tied up in a ponytail and her emerald eyes sparkle when the birds sing along with her. She loves to sing after a rain shower. 

Some fairy doors are low to the ground, some high above

My favorite is the fairy door to the fairy king's domain.

The fairy doors come in all colors, shapes, and sizes

And now I am hoping for a fairy to move to Myrtle Glen. But maybe my trees aren't old and large enough quite yet.


  1. dein Garten braucht unbedingt auch eine Elfentür ,ich finde sie herrlich

  2. da muesste mir jemand eine Elfentuer basteln ;-)

  3. So cute!! I just love the ones in the trees. Very unexpected! What a great idea.

  4. Very cute! I recently saw a photo of little "fairy feet", made with pebbles - one larger pebble for main part of foot and 5 tiny ones for toes. I plan to put some into one of my moss paths.