Monday, July 2, 2018

Time flies!

Yikes! The last post I wrote in May while in Germany. Time sure flies by fast.

Dragonfly worn for Steampunk themed dance studio event

My mom has the cutest Aristolochia vine growing on a trellis by her back porch. huge heart-shaped leaves and adorable dutchman's pipe flowers

So, bringing Mom back to her home safely I flew back home the middle of May, ... that weekend we had am eery sundown. The world around me was dipped in raspberry syrup

Home for the weekend just enough time to do laundry and off we went to Hawaii to stay until the middle of June. 

I will post pictures of this past trip. But so yes, coming home to an overgrown summer garden is a bit overwhelming, to say the least. And it seems to be an especially hot and humid summer this year. 

One project we tackled in the heat and got finished just before the daily tropical downpour started was adding a bromeliad bed (lasagne style) around the large camphor tree in our son and daughter-in-Law's front yard. We took a carload of extra bromeliads and used them all. 

I am done with traveling for a while, at least until September :-)