Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Noisy little bird

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The very distinct metallic sounding notes sound like a warning ...

ah, there he is, the Red Cardinal on his favorite spot in Myrtle Glen, the very top tip of the roof

I know he misses the extra height of the weather vane but with the solar panels up we don't want to take any chances.
So he perches, straight and proud, right THERE:

Hahaaa, zooming in a bit closer, he does not look so fearsome with his wet belly drying off after his morning bath. listen to Red Cardinal sounds


  1. Sagenhaft so ein schöner Vogel , er fühlt sich wohl so hoch oben

    1. ja und es tut mir leid das der Wetterhahn weg ist. Aber so isses halt. Das Haus ist ja trotzdem hoch genug :-)

  2. Halli Hallo mir gefällt dein Blog

  3. I like the link to the all about birds website. thank you.