Friday, October 26, 2018

A hint of Autumn

Summer heat is hopefully over, this year the heat and humidity stayed in Florida way too long, past the middle of October. There were a few days hinting of Autumn, but they were sprinkled thin.

The garden is ready for fall, all I have to do is pick up old leaves and snip spent flowers. A garden friend predicted this to be a very warm winter season, but still, I am done cutting back plants. 

As long as I already live in Florida, I am still amazed at the blue sky. I truly appreciate it every single day! 
And talking of appreciation, the koi love the new bubble feature. I feel guilty not getting it sooner.

The bananas are still ripening, they should be ready for harvest in a couple of weeks. Another stalk just started to bloom but, most likely, they will be lost to the low winter temperatures.

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