Wednesday, February 20, 2019

First Monarch this year to visit Myrtle Glen

Last night the cats acted a bit mad, throwing themselves against the window. Looking out I notice this Monarch butterfly on the window frame. He seemed to be pumping his wings as if just hatched.
To make sure he won't be eaten during the night, I stuck him into a bug-cage with some flowers, leaves and an orange juice soaked paper towel.
Early this morning I placed him on the pentas flower. Seems he survived the night just fine.

Strange though, I can't recall having Monarchs around this early in the year. April or even May is the time I see them visiting Myrtle Glen. So I asked Google and yes, Monarchs live year-round in Florida. We had a very mild winter, and the temperatures now are in the 80s during the day. Pretty warm for February. I guess that woke him up? I can just hope he is not the only lonely Monarch around with all others sleeping in late.

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