Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Rainy and gray today

It is a rainy and gray day today. Presses on the mood in a not good way, even though I know the rain is good, waking up the plants from the dry winter hibernation here in Central Florida. So I figured, I brave the water and visit the outside world.

Ugh! Just look at the dreary sky! I am spoiled, I miss the blue sky after just a few hours of this ... non-color!
But, the flowers on the Mango tree do a good job of cheering me up.

This is one of the many Lychee tree branches with flower buds. The degree of cheerfulness is up a notch.

Aaand, the cheerfulness is down again after seeing the standing water in the back corner of the yard.

But traipsing through the puddles and squishy areas, breathing in the fresh clean air, I can almost feel how happy the plants are how they enjoy the spring shower.

I still prefer white in the garden, white flowers, white leaves.

So much neon pink, red, purple, almost fake-looking, but there they are, the in-your-face colors.

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