Thursday, March 14, 2019

Plant Sale finds

Last weekend was the annual Harry P. Leu Gardens Plant Sale and one benefit of being members is one hour shopping time before the general public is allowed to come in. Plenty of time for me to walk around once, see all the sellers and purchase the plants I 'need' ;-)

I found a couple Vanda orchids I liked, preferring the smaller flowers to the plate-sized ones, and
a Maxillaria tenuifolia, which the seller promised, will have dark red flowers.

And every year I get a bag full of caladium bulbs. Sadly this year the seller had a very limited number of different varieties available. 

 Three more plants, a Meyer Lemon tree (not pictured) this sturdy looking Alocasia and a small balloon milkweed plant. I tried several times to grow this one from seeds and always failed.

I did see so many more delicious looking plants, beautiful vines, bromeliads, fruit trees, but there will be always another plant sale.


  1. Meyer Lemons are great for Meyer Lemon Martinis.

    1. schöne Pflanzen , ich wünsche dir das alle gut wachsen