Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Blue Noses

The Highlight of the Sea Day between Geiranger and Tromso was the crossing of the Arctic Circle. There is no darkness just twilight this far north in June.

Sunset at 1:25 am and Sunrise at 1:43 am. That's just 17 minutes with no sun. 

For seafarers of old crossing the magical Arctic Circle was a great achievement and celebrated with a befitting ceremony of being baptized with a bucket of icy seawater. 
For us this ceremony was tamed, a soup-ladle of ice water poured gently over the head and for the very brave they dumped a humongous ladle of ice water over them. 

I told my hubs to be brave. 

Everyone participating had fun waiting in a long line to finally have ice water poured over their heads. Pictures were taken and we received a dab of blue paint on the noses to show we joined the 'Order of the Blue Nose'. 

 Later that day we found an original Arctic Circle Crossing Certificate in our room.

This day we were mostly sitting on our balcony wrapped in a blanket, enjoying the crisp cold air, sunshine, blue sky and the gorgeous coast of Norway. 

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