• Vanda Orchids in Myrtle Glen

    For me here in Central Florida the Vanda orchids are one of the easiest orchids to grow.  Most of the hybrids flower several times a year.   

    Vanda ‘Evening Sun’


    Four simple things I do to keep mine happy:

    • I keep them in bright shade with morning sun
    • They get a 10 minute daily misting by an automatic mister system
    • I feed them by-weekly with a commercial  liquid orchid fertilizer
    • the lowest temperature is 50 F, this is when I bring them into the garage



    Vanda lamellata var. boxallii


    This Vanda is a specie native in the Philippines. It flowers in spring, and so far it has never flowered more then once for me.


    Vanda lamellata var. boxallii



    I mount them to Vanda growing boards, so not to stuff the roots into a basket since I love the long, silvery roots and display them  by letting them hang as long as they want to grow.  





    Vanda ‘Charles Goodfellow’, a cheerful bright orange, flowers a couple of  times per year




    V. Cindy Banks Hilltop,  flowers on and off throughout the summer




    A no name seedling I have since 1999, it blooms all summer long




    Vanda ‘Evening Sun’, flowers all season long




    8 responses to “Vanda Orchids in Myrtle Glen”

    • I am still learning how to care and keep orchids. Our winters can be very dry and cold, and they do not always make it…indoors. I do have one that is coming up with new shoots, so I am very pleased. We had a mild winter, so perhaps that is why things are going well.

    • Ami

      Oh, I love all of your vandas, especially that Vanda lamellata var. boxallii! So pretty! I have four vandas hanging under a tree, but i think they might get a little bit too much sun. Recently there was one new shoot came out, but dried out prematurely, don’t know why. I think I should try your daily misty method.

    • Wow, what beautiful orchids. Love the subtle shading and colors. I have never been successful at growing orchids, even supposedly “easy” ones like semi-terrestrial. (In general I’m terrible at houseplants.) So nice to see these exotic beauties growing well.

    • What beautiful vanda orchids. I love to see them growing in a natural climate for them. I’ve had several attempts at growing orchids, but not been very successful. Never grown a vanda orchid though. Might give it a try.

    • Such interesting roots! I’ve never seen them grown like that. I don’t know a lot about orchids, but they are beautiful. You have some gorgeous ones!

    • You have such healthy & lovely orchids! They are happy 🙂 V.Cindy Banks Hilltop is certainly very eye-catching. Hmm, that unknown plant is so similar to the 1 in Linggi House, haha. I’ve recently transplanted a clump of Dancing Ladies [flowers are smallish & in yellow with brown specks], can’t wait for them to flower & post it up.

    • Lovely Orchids! I’m hoping my Orchid plant will survive after the blooms are gone. It will be my first attempt at trimming for future blooms. Wish me luck!

    • Oh, I wish I could have orchids in my garden! Sadly, they won’t survive our London winters, so mine are confined to my kitchen sill. Yours are so beautiful, lovely photos 🙂

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