• a new home for my blog

    A fresh start

    When I started my blog in 2011 I loved writing about Myrtle Glen, the plants, flowers, critters; I loved telling about our travels, the recipes using what grows in our garden, the gardening books I cherish. It all came to a stop a couple of years ago when I started having problems with WordPress. The spamming was so annoying, gadgets stopped working, I did not like the template and wasn’t able to transfer the content to a new template correctly, it simply was a complete mess.
    So I exported everything to Blogger in hopes it all would be easier. My imported posts were an even bigger mess there. The spacing wasn’t right, the font sizes totally off, and the worst part, none of my images were imported but simply linked back to the WordPress blog. I was so fed up, I stopped blogging altogether in fall of 2014.
    But I do miss blogging, and I decided to give it a second try using Blogger, updating the past posts and uploading the images.

    I am also integrating my Myrtleglen.com website into blog pages to cut the need for a hosting company.
    I have a lot of catching up to do, I want to blog about some of our past trips, about cooking with what we harvest in our garden, and our two kittens Bob and Marley.


    Here we go, off to a fresh start  –  

    Blogging in Myrtle Glen, a Backyard Wildlife Habitat in Central Florida




  • Garden Communities on Google+


    Last December G+ launched ‘Communities’ .

    Such a community is Google’s version of a group or a forum to bring like-minded people together.  It’s a place to ask questions, show pictures, or just talk about a certain topic.


    Gardeners all over the world are joining  those G+ garden communities.  There are Communities for ‘Gardening’ or ‘Nature’, and then there are specific ones such as ‘organic gardening’, ‘urban gardening’, ‘growing vegetables’, ‘floral photography’, and many many more.


    Garden Talk in Central Florida - a Google+ community



    If you garden in Florida or just want to join in to chat, I am a member of  Garden Talk in Central Florida and would be happy to meet you. 





  • Picotee

    Picotee – what a nice word! I just love to say it 😉 

    My favorite Amaryllis is Hippeastrum Picotee, a white flower with red edging


    Hippeastrum Picotee




    wikipedia says, Picotee is a variety of flower whose edge is a different color than the flower’s base color. The word originates from the French picoté, meaning ‘marked with points’.



    Amaryllis Picotee



    As with most of my Amaryllis collection, I keep this one potted.  

    An earlier blog entry shows more of my Hippeastrum and I tell a little on how I keep mine: clickie




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