• January: What to do in your Garden


    January: What to do in your Garden (East Side Orlando FL, zone 9b)


    • In case of a freeze warning, water your plants well ahead of time, don’t let sprinklers run during freezes, and cover your tender plants with sheets and special frost blankets (sold at box stores)
    • Please be patient! Don’t start cutting back all the frost-bitten parts of your plants. In the event of more freezing nights that plant material will help protect your plants.
    • Color your flower beds by planting cold season annuals such as:
    • Add a bird feeder and bird bath to your yard.
    • Look through online catalogs and order seeds, bulbs and plants now. Some nurseries give a discount for early orders.
    • Plant cold-tolerant vegetables like cabbage, broccoli and lettuce, and start your tomatoes and pepper plants in pots to be transferred to your garden after the danger of frost.
    • Now is the perfect time to transplant shrubs and deciduous trees.
    • Shape your Crepe Myrtles, there is no need to mutilate those beautiful trees to ugly stumps. Just shape it by cutting away branches that cross or are in your way. If you want to trim, I suggest to cut all branches thinner than a pencil.




    A simple and fun project: Offer nesting material for the local birds.


    Collect soft materials such as combed out dog fur, human hair, short pieces of string and wool, strips of cloth, bits of cotton. Stuff the nesting material in a bird cake feeder, or make a ‘cage’ out of recycled items (strawberry baskets, onion nets, etc.) and hang them out in your yard.

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    Quote of the Month

    “Whether the weather be fine or whether the weather be hot

    we´ll weather the weather whether we like it or not”




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