Saturday, April 14, 2018

What's in my garden bag

I have tons of garden stuff on the shelf in the garage, things I see at garden centers, or read about, and think I must try them out.  But I realize there are just a few items, the most important tools, I must have for every day gardening and they are in my Apolis garden bag. I tried several different garden bags and they are all ok but I stopped using them after a while, there was always something bothering me with them and I ended up with my tools in a small bucket.
This garden bag looks so good and is practical with lots of pockets, outside for the tools, inside for the phone and camera. 

Behind the garden bag is the Tub-trug, the 38-liter size, a lightweight garden bucket with handles, I do not need to go out into the yard without it :-) 

So, what's in the bag:

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Weeding weeding weeding

Florida pellitory

Having weed free flowerbeds in a backyard wildlife habitat is not really a good thing. There are native plants we call weeds because they flourish and multiply happily without extra water, fertilizer or special pampering. And yes, they most likely will take over my small Myrtle Glen if left alone, so I do weed, but selectively (Florida natives in Myrtle Glen)