Wednesday, October 19, 2011

feed the fishies

October, Fall.... it's this time of year, the fish want to be fed again. I learned that some time in late spring/early summer the fish aren't interested in the dried fish food any longer. They come and check it out but don't want to eat it. There is better stuff around, frog eggs, young fish and snails, tender water lily shoots.... but in fall the pickings are getting slim and my fishies start to notice me again when I come to the edge of the pond.

Drizzt and Das Boot

Daily feeding makes for happy fishies. We have two koi, the pond is not large enough for more of those big fish


I buy the small cheap feeder goldfish since frogs and snakes and what ever other creatures feed on them. And there are some smart feeder fish surviving long enough to become large enough so they no longer have to worry about being a frog's dinner.


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