About me

I grew up in Germany with a Grandmother and Mother both loving their gardens. Grandma was more practical, she loved fruit trees, berry bushes, tended her vegetable beds, making jams,  and was very knowledgeable about fertilizer, organic concoctions, composting, bugs (good and bad) and so forth. Mom was more into beautification, she loves a pleasing garden design with ornamentals, the flowers, her perfect grass area, and attractively shaped shrubs. I did learn more than just the basics from both, and then some more from aunts and uncles.
When my husband left the military we moved to his home state Florida, gardening sure is different here than in Germany! Best way to learn is hands-on so I found a job at a small local garden nursery where the owner taught me all about his favorites, the orchids, ferns and palms. I learned about diseases, soil condition, and how to propagate.
I am not a professional landscape designer nor architect, but after many years of gardening, designing and planting several gardens we owned, I can say with confidence:

I can be your Garden Coach !

 I am a passionate gardener offering to share my expertise with local gardeners in the East Orlando area. I love helping people create their own backyard paradise. I am enthusiastic for hands-on gardening, concerned for the environment and I love to garden for wildlife. I want to help you learn the skills necessary to get the garden of your dreams and keep it thriving… to take care of your own little piece of Earth.

What is a Garden Coach?

You’ve heard of a career coach or a fitness coach, people helping you to reach your goals. A  garden coach is just that, an experienced gardener helping you to reach your goal in your gardening endeavors. One cannot be an expert in everything and learning about your garden takes time, so why not hire a personal garden coach and benefit from their know-how?

A garden coach is not a landscape designer nor a landscape/yard service but a teacher to empower you. Instead of hiring someone else to do the work, a garden coach will help you become a better gardener right in your own backyard.
Show me your garden, I will listen to what your goals are, answer your questions and even go on nursery visits with you. I will help with the realistic planning of your DIY projects and offer hands-on lessons giving you the confidence to do the task yourself. You will end up with the gratification of a job well done and the motivation to maintain the results.
A garden coach is the extra tool for anyone wanting to garden but in need of a little guidance, personalized advice, and hands-on training.

Is hiring a Garden Coach right for you?

A good candidate to hire a garden coach is someone who loves to work in their garden, is off to a good start, but has reached the point where they need advice, a different perspective or feedback on a new garden project.

Just moved to Florida? New to gardening? Just bought a house and want to learn about the plants growing in your yard? What is a weed and what plants to keep? How to prune the shrubs and trees? Do you keep buying plants at the box stores just to watch them die over and over again? If the answer to any of these is yes, hiring a Garden Coach may be right for you!

How to get started

Just like with other coaches, you set the pace, a one time coaching, once per month, once per season, it all depends on your goals. You will eventually learn how to care for your landscape without coaching. There will be bumps in the road, plants will fail, wildlife will cause problems, but you will learn how to handle those issues.

At the initial visit I will assess your garden, offer specific suggestions for problem areas, answer your questions and if you want to proceed, work out a coaching plan.
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With the right guidance, your DIY skills and some time,
you can have the garden of your dreams!

Other services I offer:
Guest speaking at local garden clubs
Classes: Hypertufa, Terrarium, Fairy Gardens, composting, water barrels
Garden/plant sitting