Sunday, November 6, 2011

Create a Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife had to make room for us, for our subdivision. Before it was all built up I found beautiful pine lilies, native orchids, pitcher plants.... all gone now, bulldozed over and under. And then there are the animals, turtles, snakes, birds, insects...

young raccoon munching palm fruits

We can try to help those animals to accept us humans, to reach out and offer friendship (Thanksgiving comes to mind) by keeping the needs of the local wildlife in mind when creating our gardens.

And yes, there are those animals that take advantage of us ;)  like the deer, munching the rose buds, or the armadillos digging burrows, and not to mention the squirrels.... but there are options for us, plants the deer won't like, extra corn for the squirrels, and black pepper to evict the armadillo...

Red Shouldered Hawk eyeing the Mourning Doves

To read more, go to the page 'create a Wildlife Habitat'


  1. Here is another for your blogroll
    We are 'all' gardening for wildlife. We chose our plot for the giant/Spanish reeds and the weaver birds.

  2. Thanks for the link, it is added :-)

  3. Very true! I love to see all the wildlife, as well, and try to attract the birds and butterflies. Now that wily rabbit that keeps getting under the fence and nibbling on my stuff, on the other hand...

  4. Indie, oh no, the rabbits.... I have them ever so often in my yard, but they are so tiny here, not like jack rabbits, they don't eat much. I guess for you it means 'fixing the fence' ;-)

  5. All the creatures are wonderful.......and welcome in my yard. (Except, NO SNAKES, please!)...I'll gladly let anyone who wants them to come n get 'em!'

  6. just stomp with your feet Bethie, the snakes will feel you coming and will hide from you ;)